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Ok we used it live for the first time at the SCA event called birka. It wen't great Although we didn't display the Leaders in real time the system made the tourney go faster and and made the overhead much less. Special tahnks to Cinder and Tessa. The final results have been posted.

Update 12/11/02: Packeged for distribution. Still need to write a how to and installation page as there is NO documentation right now.

Update 09/06/02:

- Double KillButton Added
- First input Default Added
- Form is checked before being submited.

Notes from first use:
- Double Kill?? ok we need a double kill button.
- Make the first input default. Right now the user has to hit tab to select the first form field. I need to find a way to make it default to the correct field.

The Tourney Tracker system in action:

Main Pages:
Combined entry page. 60 second refresh.
Add a Combatant
Basic Results Display
BAsic Data Entry screen
List Fighters & Designations

Results display options examples:
Refresh 60sec, No Names, No Center
Refresh 60sec, Names, No Center
Refresh 5minutes, Names, Center

Mike Luich (William RavenHair)

Thanks sourceforge

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